Personal Narrative: Red/Orange Hat Operations

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It was a quiet week in the Sadr City and the surrounding area. And we were gearing up to support another Red/Orange hat operation (Special Ops Teams) to include the Seals in this operation. The operation was to secure and capture a building with Four High-Value Targets (HVI’s) from Iran to include a high ranking officer out of the Jaish Mahdi Army (JAM) that they were supposedly having a meeting in the Area of Operation (AO). We were given four hours of prep time after Warning ORDER was given to the platoon. The Company had been awaiting for this mission for about two weeks now. This time I was a Bradley Commander in the Platoon and we did not have much to get ready because we have our equipment and Bradley’s always ready and prepared …show more content…

We started a faint through the AO, as we conducted a few runs though the surrounding areas and conducted a few stops along the way to see if we could gather any information. This was to help draw insurgences attention away from the area of focus for the teams. The faint help screen the main mission, because the Teams took their targets and buildings without a shot fired and by surprise. The teams ended up coming across more HVI’s than was originally briefed in the mission brief. Turns out they had busted up a large, high ranking meeting with JAM Brigade commanders all the way down to lower commanders along with three Iranian Republican guard advisors and two Hamas affiliated officers present at this meeting. One hour into the operation and we have taken 15 HVI’s instead of 4, no shots fired and as if the militia let us walk right in. The order came across the radio that the teams were ready to clear and leave the objective. At the same time over the BN radio came alive, we had up to three company’s worth of militia coming down on us from the surrounding areas, especially from the north rooftops with what looks like 5 heavy teams just to the north east. Meaning they had 5 teams of 3 men with RPG-7’s, RPG-18’s, RPG-22’s and RPG-29’s. Platoon radios started to come alive about all the enemy activity of men setting in Explosive Formed Projectile, (EFP’s) on all …show more content…

It was a fight all the way back up till about a mile from FOB Loyalty. As we pulled in the gate yet again, I saw that the other teams where still there along with others that I have never seen before. As we parked the Bradley, is when we found out that the trail Bradley that got hit lost one of the dismounts and they were taking him to the Hospital. The teams were there to help with our wounded and KIA. At the end they asked us to meet them outside at their trucks. The Platoon was at their trucks when the teams came from around a building from where we were all standing around. And one of the guys started talking, we all got

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