Personal Narrative: Stockton Early High School

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Hello, I am Alina Chen. I was welcomed to the world by my parents in Manteca on September 14th, 2002. Throughout my whole life, I posses a more quiet personality that prefers to think through the conflicts and problems carefully. I enjoy trying my best in extracurricular activities like Math Olympiad and Pentathlon, in which I have participated two years straight in both. I have also joined in Student Government, otherwise known as student council, before, as treasurer. I live with my father, mother, and brother, and I believe that we are a fortunate and warm family.
Out of the infinity amount of words in the dictionary, I would choose “creative”. In every art project and presentation, I love perfection. I love the way the colors swirl and dance gracefully with each other and the happiness when the project fits nicely together like a jigsaw puzzle when the finishing touches are applied. Since we are talking about schoolwork, this leads us to another world- “responsibility”. I not only give my best, I turn in all my work on time. I usually receive an A in all subjects, and I believe that responsibility has played a big part.
Why is Stockton Early College Academy is the optimum choice for my high school experience you ask? Stockton Early College Academy has been one of the top choices in our grade. Almost all …show more content…

These lessons build on who they are. They learn to adapt and they learn from others whether they may be good or bad traits. At school, my classmates and the staff are all well mannered and mature above their level and I learn well. However, I spend even more time with my family. Since an early age, they have taught me both in manners, education, and the responsibilities of being a person. Just like a growing plant, I believe that being accepted as a student of Stockton Early College Academy will provide further sunlight, water, and nutrients to support my leaves and

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