Personal Narrative Story : A Short Story

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On a rainy day in November, Allison was sitting out on the porch staring out to the world. However, she started to recall the conversation she had with her best friend Jasmine. The reason she began to remember their conversation was because she felt that day reminded Allison of all the bad days she had in the last few years. Considering Allison was day dreaming, she watched and listened carefully to everything that was going on. On November 6, 2016, 12pm, Allison Began to get frustrated with every single little thing. Allison started a conversation with her brother Jake. "You know mom don't really love you." Jake said to Allison. "What makes you think this?" Allison said. "Mommy told me when you had your 7th birthday that she never wanted girl." Jake said to Allison in a very calm way. From that day on, Allison thought she would never be able to forgive Jake again. Allison continued to wonder if what a Jake was telling her was true. She took it upon herself to ask her mother!!! Allison waited a week after Jake told her this unbearable news to call and confirm what she was told. "Hey Mother, Jake and I were having this discussion and he informed me that you were hoping to have a boy when you found out you were pregnant, Was I a mistake?" Did you really think Allison approached her Mom in that way? No way, Allison had to honestly prepare herself for the talk she is willing to have with her mom. Allison feels that she has to quiz herself on any clap backs that her mother will send back her way. It seems like a lot, but Jake keeps telling her to just ask to get the truth. Allison calls her best friend Jasmine, to ask for help. Allison and Jasmine have been friends for over 3 years. She feels the need to go to Jasmine in any time of crisis, also if she was doing okay. Allison told her everything because Jasmine gave her the best advice. She told her when she was right, even when she was wrong. Jasmine even told her things that Allison didn't want to hear just to put a bug in her ear to let her know that she needs to own up and apologize and or admit her wrongs. On the 16th of November, Jasmine received this call from Allison around 11:00pm. Jasmine was worried and confused because that was Allison's
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