Personal Narrative Story : A Short Story

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Once upon a time there lived a young girl with her mother. She had everything she could have asked for but she was still unsatisfied and didn’t understand what her loved ones did for her. One day the young girl was walking around the local market when an old woman stopped her and said “ I offer you this magical ring for your beauty. It will grant you any wish you desire but you must choose carefully for this ring with grant you only one wish.” The girl then grabbed the ring and ran as fast as she could back home. “ Mom look what this old lady gave me,” she exclaimed, “it’s a magical ring that grants me any wish I want!” Her mother then replied “ you need to choose your wish carefully.” The little girl didn’t hear her mother for she was already in her room thinking about her wish. “I know what I’ll wish for,” she exclaimed, “I’ll wish for my mom to disappear. She doesn’t do what I want her to do anyway. She has no use to me.” That night right before the young girl fell asleep she said into her ring “I wish my mom would disappear.” As the final word fell off of her tongue, the girl fell into a deep sleep. The next morning the girl woke up with a yawn. When she walked into the kitchen she noticed that her mother was not cooking breakfast as usual. Finally her wish had come true. Her mom was gone and she could do whatever she wanted. Her first act as a “free” child was to go and eat all the candy she wanted from the candy shop. When she walked in she ignored the clerk

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