Personal Narrative : The Best Banana Split You Have Ever Tried?

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“I know that I am back a little early, but Aden doesn 't have to know that.” I tell Sam as I take a seat next to her in the waiting room. “That actually looks really good.” Sam says as she eyes up the banana split I have in my hand. “I figured you would say that…” I say. “That 's why I brought one for you too.” I pull out a second one I had packaged and put in a bag. “Omygosh, you’re the best!” Sam says, grabbing it immediately out of my hands. “You know I stress eat when I 'm in situations like this. Not that I have ever been in a situation exactly like this.” "Is it the best banana split you have ever tried?” I ask, waiting for her to taste it.” “I would say it is a top contender.” Sam says with her mouth full. “I remember …show more content…

I follow Nurse Daisy down the long hallway back to the operation room. We pass Sam and Ethan who are still outside in the waiting room. Sam looks at me with a concerned face. I shrug my shoulders as if to say I don’t know what is happening. Nurse Daisy continues on to the room they brought Aden and stops just outside of it. “Can I go in and see him?” I ask. Nurse Daisy doesn’t respond. She just gives a small knock on the door and Dr. Harley comes out of the room. “Riley, can we take a seat over here to talk?” Dr. Harley asks, gesturing over to a small table. I nod my head and follow him to the set of chairs in the corner. I sit down slowly. My hands feel like they are shaking uncontrollably with nerves right now. I am getting a really bad feeling about all of this. My heart is racing a million miles a minute and I just want someone to tell me what is going on. “Riley, as you know, this is a very complicated surgery we went in to perform on Aden. Dr. Lang has spent years even before being introduced to Aden, working on and developing this procedure. As you know, there are risks into going into an operation of this calibre. Even though the chances that something major could happen are quite low, there is a chance.” “What are you saying?” I ask, leaning in closer. “Dr. Lang unexpectedly nicked a small part of the brain.” Dr. Harley

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