Personal Narrative: The City Of Sunnyvale Community

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The blaring noise of the wind through the streets mixed with the severe weather alerts on our cellphones. Through my window, I could make out silhouettes of trees blowing uncontrollably through the rain. This was not something that I was expecting during the holiday season. On the night of December 26, 2015, our family went into a safe room inside of our house and braced ourselves for the tornado that was tearing through my hometown.
The morning afterwards, everybody was getting text messages and phone calls to ensure that everybody was okay. The rising sun granted us the ability to see the full damage that the tornado had brought to our small town. There were houses completely ripped in half, roofs missing, pieces of fencing were thrown around; the aftermath was a very devastating scene. People were walking frantically outside on the streets, rummaging through the debris, coming to terms with reality. I saw people crying while others comforted and hugged them. This was the first experience where I had seen neighbors supporting each other and it affected the way that I saw Sunnyvale; through this period of sadness, I saw support.
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This experience made me realize the unity of my community because of the amount of teamwork it took to work together with such a diverse group of people. Sunnyvale has always been home to me, but I was just now realizing that my community was like a second family to me. They have taught me how to take initiative and to help out whenever possible, aiding with my transition into a young adult. By participating in the tornado cleanup, I learned how to become somebody with an essential role in my own community. We gained strength through our numbers and learned that we could cooperate with each other to Although Sunnyvale is just a small dot on the map of Texas, it is home to one of the closest communities you could

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