Personal Narrative: The Day I Created A Multiplane Camera

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The day I created the multiplane camera. Every morning I wake up and I think to myself, "What can I create today?" Those few words would be stuck in my head until I start a new project. The first thing I do in the morning is get ready. Then I go eat some breakfast, usually I eat some eggs and bacon, but today I'm just going to get some yogurt. After I eat my yogurt, I walk outside, start the car, and drive to work. When I walk into work everyone will come and greet me. So when that's over I walk to my office, that's where I think of all of my ideas. Today, my editor, Carl, walks in and says, "People are starting to complain..." "Complain? Complain about what." I asked him. "You didn't let me finish..." Carl said. "Sorry about that" I added. "...Ok, so the reason why they were complaining is because they thought that some of the cartoons recently, have been really boring, or shall I say, flat looking" Carl said with a little hesitance in his voice. " I...don't...understand" I replied. " What I mean is, they want it to look 3D" Carl said with caution. "We have to give the people what they want. Right?" he added. "I …show more content…

The first thing I thought of was to put more shadows, but I new that it wouldn't work. So my second idea was to take the background and start separating them. For example the moon is all the way in the back, by itself and it should not move forward or back. It should not move from its place at all. Next maybe the trees in the farthest back of the painting,or picture, should go right in front of the moon, so that we can move the trees closer or farther whenever we have to zoom in or out, without move the moon at the same time. Next I will add the cabin and the field in front of the trees, next the rode, and finally the main trees in the very front. " Hmm...that's a good idea" I said as I thought to

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