Personal Narrative : The First Day Of High School

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The evermost dreaded first day of school; well not just any school, high school. Dun dun dun, what supposed to be the the scariest part of our ever so small existences thus far. Massive lockers looming over us, the gigantic seniors ready to terrorize us lowly freshman. However after all the warnings I’ve gotten in books and movies, I still thought i would escape without embarrassment. Oh, the innocence I had. I started of the day ready to take on the world. I had Spanish first after all, that shouldn't be so hard right? Wrong, I walked into the classroom and a crazy lady was teaching the class. Spewing out all these words in spanish. After being yelled at and put in a seat, of course my best friend was sitting all the way across the room, she started the lesson. Let me just tell you this now, never stand behind her. You will get slapped, her hands were flying everywhere. I walked out of that class with beads of sweat already forming on my forehead. That's when I began to realize, maybe high school is gonna be harder than I thought. After being pushed around in the hallways for five minutes I finally got to my next class. Biology, the one class I wasn't looking forward to begin with. My brain is much more tuned for English or the fine arts. Science has never really made sense to me. Of Course our teachers thirty minute talk on how everyone is really depressed didn't help. She went on this entire rant about depression and how everyone has it. Apparently if you aren't

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