My First Day In High School

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Growing up I was known to be a very shy child. I was too scared to talk to anyone and I was very reserved. I always have cared about what people thought about me. I didn’t want to wear “boy” clothes because I worried kids would make fun of me. I didn’t even make close friends until fifth grade. When I did finally feel comfortable at school and found amazing friends, I decided to switch schools shortly after for a chance at new opportunities. It lead me to standing alone in a crowded high school while I waited for that first bell to ring, so I could head to my first period class. The part of my first day of high school that made me the most nervous was my lunch period. I hadn’t made any connections with anyone, so I had no idea where I would sit. I walked into the cafeteria and it was a zoo. There were kids filling the tables and standing along the wall waiting for their lunch. It may have been a small school, but I felt like there were hundreds of high schoolers in there. I stood there completely lost in a sea of kids and I felt like panicking. I had no clue where to go. I seriously considered hiding in the bathroom to eat my lunch. A girl was standing nearby and noticed how disoriented I looked, “Hey, do you need a table to eat at for lunch? You could eat lunch outside with my friend and I.” Relief rushed over me and I nodded my head. We introduced ourselves to each other, while we waited for her friend to appear. Everyday I would go to a table outside with them and

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