Personal Narrative: The Five Levels Of Leadership

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Leadership has been a developing concept for me. People I have met throughout my life have greatly influenced my definition of leadership. I have seen my definition of leadership evolve as a result of their influence in my life. In this paper, I will discuss how my previous leaders and five leadership levels shaped the way I approach the idea of leadership. Most leaders tend to forget that leaders serve their subordinates, not devalue them. Throughout this paper, I will recite few ideas I learned from reading The 5 Levels of Leadership: Proven Steps to Maximize Your Potential by John C. Maxwell. This book has been an excellent resource for me as a new Non-Commissioned Officer to be less of a “Boss” and more of an influential leader. On this book, Maxwell discuss about five important…show more content…
At this level, soldiers follow you because of your position. This position doesn’t make you a good leader. Throughout my Army career I’ve had many toxic leadership. I respected these toxic leaders rank but I failed to respect them as a person. I rarely gave my best for these toxic leaders. I focused more on getting the work on hand done whichever the fastest way possible so I can go home instead of giving my all. These are few of the reasons why I try to improve my leadership skills every day. Through this toxic leadership I learned what to avoid.
The second Level of leadership is Permission. At this level you need connect with your soldiers by building positive relationships and earning their trust. At this level soldiers begin to follow you because they want to, not because they have to. It’s difficult sometimes to draw a line between a professional relationship and a friendship. I try to learn everything about my soldier’s personal life, family and their motivations. This allows me to get along with my subordinates which opens up the door for soldiers to feel comfortable enough to come and discuss any issues with
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