Personal Narrative: The Hunting Dog

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A time I helped somebody was when I was in 5th grade, and I got off of my bus with my younger sister, and there was a stray dog on my driveway. Obviously, I checked to see if there was a collar, and a tag. When I looked, there was a tag, with a phone number. I called my mom, and told her the number, and we gave the dog food and water. The dog looked like a hunting dog, though I had no idea what a hunting dog was at the time. I just assumed someone lost their dog, and didn’t know it had gotten away.

When my mom got home, she called the dog’s owner, and she was an old lady. She said she lost her two days ago, and had hoped someone would find her or she would come home. She was a hunting dog, and the lady came to get her. The lady thanked us
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