Personal Narrative : ' The Last Remain '

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Harsh Jivani

Fall 2015 - 8: 30 AM

Dr. K

Ballpoint: The Last Remain

Do you want to have an object that can change your life forever? I will be happy to introduce to you a magical object which is made from high quality of metal and coated with gel, has sparkling colors, and is made by Cello. Did you know that this first proper object was discovered around 1884 by Lewis E Waterman? I bet you didn’t… but that’s okay. Now, I will be describing the actual object and then unfolding a mysterious horror story related to this object.
This object is shaped cylindrical and narrow all the way. It is almost similar to twig. The tip is so skinny that it acts like a needle from injection. From the top, the gold plated cap top is so light
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That is what the outside texture feels. It rolls gently along rough textured paper spilling chemical as you blade across the document. If thumb was to glide against it, it would feel smooth but hard rubber. It has silicone for gripping that molds to palm.
It emit smell that does not danger anyone or anything but one can hate very easily. It gives off different smells, at first it smells like chemicals and then once in operation it odors like cheap recycled plastic.
Psychologically, if you were nervous you would bite or chewed constantly. It’s a habit many faces and therefore only one can describe the delight of the taste. From past experiences, after chewing the back ends, it tastes like plastic bag, which has no citric, sweet, nor salty tastes that your taste buds could identify. This does make harmonic sound that sometimes frighten birds. If this piece was to be dropped in floor, it would scatter and possibly sound like key that was dropped in hard floor.
When seeing this friendly looking object, it reminds me that it will be my permanent friend forever. I feel very obligated by it because it’s a tool that I will never forget in my life. It helps me keep organized and greatly recognized on some papers. It identifies me of who I am and what I am looking forward to it.
Once upon a time in middle of rainy night a sudden thunder strike through the kingdom, “R – 360” which was named after Res Clemens in country of Antiqua. After hours
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