Personal Narrative: The Strength Of Women

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Whoever came up with the stupid idea that women are supposed to be weak? When I was in elementary school, I was tall—my last year, I was just shy of my current height and weight now at 17. I was always bigger, faster, and stronger than all the other kids, and when the others went to play and chase each other across the playground, I almost never joined in. I could dominate any game, so I didn’t play because I was embarrassed. Girls are supposed to be dainty, right? Girls are not supposed to be proud of their prowess. I didn’t fit the ideal image already seared into my brain by countless children’s stories. I wished desperately to be smaller. Looking back, I laugh at how silly this desire was. Even now I am only 5’4”, thin, and my friends all call me “smol bean.” However, that is from the perspective of an adult society, and back then, my world was made up of children. Back then, I was strange. I cannot begin to reconcile these twin selves, separated only by time and relativity. I cannot imagine how different I would be today if I had maintained my above-average stature as an adult. I wonder if I would have been like so many tall teenage girls I see slouching to conceal their height. They look weak and insecure. I am glad I am not like them, not for their height but for their timidity. I choose to stand tall. Everything changed when I joined Stage…show more content…
I am not proud of my body for its weakness, as the covers of magazines and constant advertisements tell me to be, I am proud of my body for its strength. I am proud of my so-called masculinity. I am proud that, after a year of lifting weights, I can open a stubborn bottle unassisted. I am not embarrassed to go to the section of the gym that only the jocks go to just because a society still shaped by the archaic sneers of men tells women they are not supposed to be muscular. If it’s just the jocks and me, so be it. I am not content to be
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