Personal Narrative: The Test That Breaks The Rest Of My Life

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“Are you ready for the test that makes or breaks the rest of your life”, asked my father waking me from my sleep.
This was it: the test I have been dreading yet have been anticipating for most of my life. I hurried to get dressed, running all over the room in a craze. Thinking of my sister who never passed her drivers test, was stuck in my brain as I threw on my jeans. I had been practicing my driving for a year now but I still was a nervous wreck.
“Where are my keys, Dad?” I yelled with nervousness tearing apart my bedroom searching.
“I’m not going to say I didn’t see this coming, there is always something, just like your mother.” said my dad with a giggle under his breath.
I lifted up a shirt on my now messy floor to find just what I was
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While waiting in line I was no longer nervous except for a couple butterflies here and there. I was mentally prepared for this as I walked with the test taker to this test. The lady at the front desk told me to follow the man standing in the doorway. He was a older man with grey hair and a stern look on his face. People had always talked about who got the mean test taker and the nice one. I told myself not to worry about little things like that but seeing this man brought those fears back to the surface. Together we walked to my car where he examined my lights and such seeing if everything worked as it should. We took off with his instructions leading the way. While driving I talked too much too the man because talking helps my stress but he stayed the same silent man he was from the beginning. I asked him questions about his day and told him where I worked and and everything he obviously didn’t care about. He just kept on looking at his clipboard and marking things off and saying his instructions.
“Stop here and parallel park between those two cones.” he said with a serious voice.
This is the big moment I had been practicing for and I was going to succeed. My father and I went to a parking lot weekly to practice my parallel parking. I slowly pulled between the two cones taking my time to show the man I knew what I was doing.
His face was unreadable as he said, “Get back on the road and turn left up
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