Personal Narrative: USA

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I have walked this path everyday for almost 15 years now since I was a young child. The path itself is next my childhood house in Doorest; the forest surrounding my house. I walk this path to clear my mind, it helps me separate from my stressful life outside this forest.
My dad is Charles Doorlington Sr. (making me Charles Doorlington Jr.) he is the CEO of a major manufacturing company called Doorlington Industries. During my childhood he was rarely at home and even when he was home he was always busy, when we did spend time together we didn't get along my mom had died in childbirth so I had no one to turn to, it was a lonely childhood. My thinking was interrupted by an unfamiliar sight, a door.
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other side I got the most intense headache I have ever had and it ended as soon as it began. I got a good look around the room, the walls were navy blue an there were yellow dots like stars, scattered about. A voice interrupted my observing “the headache is normal for newcomers” I looked over in the direction of the voice a somewhat translucent woman in a bright blue dress was standing in a corner and she looked exactly like my mother. “Mom,” I said. “No, I am and artificial intelligence modeled after Dooris Doorlington my creator's wife,” She said. “An my mother,” “What do you want to know about the fifth-Doormension,” “How do I see the future,” I asked “TO see the future touch the knob of the door to enter MR. Doorlington’s office open and walk through it.” “Thank …show more content…

The name Doorlington was everywhere on Buildings, on Clothes, and of coarse doors. Everyone looked miserable there were newscasts where my father explained new world wide rule that he was to enforce, it was a nightmare. I woke up in the present and ran through the door and I saw my father sitting in his desk like he always does and I say, “I know what you're planning dad, I have seen the door and the future,” “Very impressive son,” he said as he reached for something. “I only wish that you would join me in my conquest,” “No, you have zero motivation besides being evil,” “That's not true I want control of everything” “That is kind of crappy motivation, you could miss you wife and you think your doing this for her but actually you're selfish,” “Shut up,” He said as he raises his arm to point a gun in my face,” “Is this what mother would have wanted,” I say. “ His hand shakes and he looks away. I take this opportunity to take the gun out of his hand and point it at him. “You wouldn’t dare,” He says. “Wouldn't I?” I say back even though I wouldn’t. I point him to a phone and tell him call the cops,” “Wait son I know what I do is wrong, I’m sorry here,” He says as he throws me a lighter. “What is this for” “the doors, destroy them that is too much power to have,” “Okay and you promise not to take over the world,” “fine, I promise,” I

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