Personal Narrative: Urban Axes In PA

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It was March 1, 2017 and I had gone hatchet throwing with a couple of veteran friends of mine. The place I went to was called urban axes in PA, where we threw hatchets at targets. At first it was a thirty-minute training session to ensure there was proper safety training. The motto at urban axes was “Axe Throwing. Like darts ... only bigger and more satisfying!” As soon as I got there I was really intrigued in what they had done. Fish town is becoming more gentrified then it used to be, so I had told all my friends about it. The environment that I threw axes in was a nice well-lit area. Imagine throwing axes in complete and utter darkness. It would be a whole lot of chaos. When I entered the room I felt like I was in a whole different world.…show more content…
I remember being inside the room with hip, upbeat music and it being very busy. I am not sure how people found out about this place, but I imagine it being word of mouth or even social media. In general I am not really attentive to things because I have a hard time concentrating on one thought. My mind is all over the place thinking what I was going to do and what I am going to eat for my next meal. Today something crazy had just happened. I was actually concentrating for once in my life and determined to hit the center of the target, which was getting a 10. The main reason why I was so competitive was because I was competing with a couple of my friends, which is why I was focused and doing so well. I could not recall how many people were in the place but I can vaguely remember that the place was packed. I was conscious of my awareness about who was at the place and who was getting perfect scores because they had a board like bowling at Pinsetters, which told you your score. I remember hearing people screaming and being loud and enjoyed every moment of it. It was kind of like going to a Flyers hockey game and hearing the loud noise hearing when they scored a goal. I had a really tingling sensation in my body because I was slightly buzzed at the bar before I had gone there. There was no bar at the place because it would be considered a liability issue. My emotions were strong. I was happy that I had gotten a perfect score twice but I messed up a couple of times. I was also very scared because there were axes flying left and right. Throughout the experience I was well aware of my consciousness and what I was doing. Hurting somebody was impossible because they had these walls that the axes could not get through. Today time had gone fast. I was having so much fun I could not even tell what time it was. I remember going there around 8 and leaving around 11. I didn’t know time flew by until they told me they were
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