Personal Narrative: Westfield Child Center On My Life

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Walking nervously into my first day of working at Westfield Child Center was a defining moment that ultimately impacted my life in a way in which it would never go back to the way it once was. I can clearly remember it was a place filled with children’s excitement and staff who seemed to be a part of their own family. Everyone was extremely friendly and greeted me with open arms, however, it still did not diminish my feeling of ostracism. Whenever anyone enters a new setting, it is normal to feel excluded immediately. These feelings are natural and expected due to the lack of knowledge we have on the people in general, how the facility itself is run, and learning our place to fit into their little community. As time progressed, I found this place to be very…show more content…
I no longer had any feelings remotely close to the original ones I experienced. As I continued returning to this joyous place I felt I was a part of something more substantial than myself. We all played a vital role in this community because we had intentions of positively impacting children’s lives. Our staff stipulated to positively shape these children’s perceptions and aid them to grow as independent, educated, and respectful individuals in every aspect.
Westfield Child Center was a day care in my home town primarily for children ages two years old through elementary school. The younger children who attended the daycare remained there all day. The children in elementary school went to the after school care center. Various diverse children all ranging in divergent personality types were all throughout Westfield. The staff was diverse as well. They inhabited similar characteristics as one
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