Personal Narrative: Who I Am As A Learner

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Who I am as a learner would be that I’m mostly am a auditory student, which means I have to listen to learn. I am a right brain student that demonstrates my mind is creative. When I learn, I have to hear my assignment a couple of times until I understand what to do. I often give up when I don't have a rubric or any kind of guide to look off of to check my work. If I don't have a guide then I will have to brainstorm on what I’m doing. On the other hand, if I have some kind of rubric to look at I will be ok.
I am not good at leading, and need someone to lead me according to the color results I got by taking a test. My knowledge and understanding is grade level, but I need to put forth effort to succeed. I need the information I am learning in …show more content…

I also like to have some sort of noise to listen to when I work or else my brain will think of one and I will get off track. I always want to take a rubric or study guide home to study so I know exactly what to do. I write down my notes on flashcards and then study them over and over until I have them memorized. As a learner, I feel working alone suits me best because when I work in teams, there can be work hogs and then sometimes you don't understand what is going on and they do. My working environment has to be by myself because with others, it results in two things. One thing that could happen is I have to do all the work and others copy, or others work and I don't understand. I always want to work alone because of that.

When I learn, I like to take my time on every assignment I do. I make sure every piece of work I do is quality. When given a question and answer problem, I already know to repeat part of the question in my answer. I sometimes am afraid to ask the teacher because I don't understand common subjects, so I might have to come in for help. I like to learn and take breaks occasionally, otherwise later on I lose all focus. My main problem is forgetting to write down work. I like to listen to music to help me feel inspired. Chewing gum helps me think when I need help with an

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