Personal Narrative : Why Do Not?

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TITLE…. “WHY?” “WHY NOT?” “TELL ME, WHY?” “Because…” “Because?” “Because...I was curious and it looked fun!” “Next time, you will ask me before you do something like this again. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” “Yes!” “Promise me that you will never do that again” “I pro…" “Jillian! Jillian! Come down for breakfast. Your milk is getting cold," called my mom. My mom’s voice woke me up. ‘OH NO… I didn’t see what happened at the end; thankfully it was only a dream’, I muttered to myself. It was a scary dream. I never — and I mean never — want that ever to happen to me in real life. Deep inside, I know it wouldn’t, but I still felt uneasy. I quickly put on my slippers, brushed my hair, picked up one of my favourite stuffed toy, Tutu, and rushed down the stairs. It was a beautiful day. The morning air was refreshing and smelled sweet. "Ah, so pretty!" I said aloud, taking a deep long breath. I ran across the backyard, with Tutu tucked under my arm. As I walked outside, I could hear the breeze singing my name and see the grass dancing for me. “JILLIAN, COME INSIDE RIGHT NOW AND EAT YOUR BREAKFAST." Running back inside, I quickly gulped down the milk, which was as cold as ice. I heard a familiar voice talking to someone on the phone. Immediately, I knew it was my dad’s voice. But why was he at home? Wasn’t he supposed to be at his work? Many questions ran through my mind at once. "Mom, dad is still here? He hasn 't gone to his work today?" I said, overwhelmed with joy. Being
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