Personal Narrative: You Are Black

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”Take off your hoodie, open your pockets, and don't move, be still cause I saw you steal that.” If your are a black male or any color but white, Then your chances of hearing that are way higher because of the color of your skin. Unfortunately that happen too me,this Summer.

It was the 2nd day of August and My mom and I were sitting at our long dinner table. The table was awkwardly mute. I ponderer it was quiet because another black shooting happened again. My mom were frustrated and exhausted on our police system. My mom then turned around swiftly and said too me in a bitter sweet tone “ You are black. You are black. You are black. Your future that is set out for you is a unsuccessful life. You will have too work harder than any of your …show more content…

I darted my way through ever aisles grabbing the ruffles then the popcorn then, BOOM crashed right into someone . Trying too get on my feet and graphing what just happened the women I ran into was my 8Th grade English Teacher, Mrs. Sodo. “Kyle!” She said very loud “What you doing here ruining around here “ Aw good too see Mrs. Sodo I'm just grabbing a couple items for my Mother” We then started too talk and follow each too the cashier as we grabbed are grocery items. As we finished are purchases and ready to end are conversation I picked up A flashlight candy wondering who came up with this, and sat it back down. Mrs Sodo then said “ We'll it was nice ruining into you again. Tell your mom I said hi. “OK Mrs. Sodo great too see you soon have a …..” Before I could even finish my sentence The old unappealing looking white man yelled ”Take off your hoodie, open your pockets , And don't move , be still cause I saw you steal that.” I looked down at my white hoodie and shorts ( that didn't have pockets in them) and still shocked he was talking too me. My teacher was looking aw. “There s nothing in my pocket sir” I said in a nice tone. I felt embarrassed inside because the customer and teacher were starting at me. He then came over and made sure I didn't have anything I didn't purchase stolen. Then under his breath I quietly heard under his breath “ Damn Nigger”.... Damn Nigger. This man didn't know nothing about me but too him I was a Damn Nigger. Now I know how other black people feel when racism is directed too them. I definitely believed my mom now. Before I couldn't even redouble I tried calming myself down before I get frustrated and anger. I just walked out the door thinking what my mom said too me. I had too grasp that not everyone wants me in this world succeeding. So from that day forward I had

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