Being Biracial-Personal Narrative Essay

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Being Biracial-Personal Narrative

I was late for school, and my father had to walk me in to class so that my teacher would know the reason for my tardiness. My dad opened the door to my classroom, and there was a hush of silence. Everyone's eyes were fixed on my father and me. He told the teacher why I was late, gave me a kiss goodbye and left for work. As I sat down at my seat, all of my so-called friends called me names and teased me. The students teased me not because I was late, but because my father was black. They were too young to understand. All of this time, they thought that I was white, because I had fare skin like them, therefore I had to be white. Growing up having a white mother and a black father was tough. To …show more content…

I was ashamed to be black and white. Since I have very fair skin, I tended to lean towards the white side. If people didn't know about my father, I wouldn't tell them because I didn't know how they would have reacted. I guess this was just because I didn't want to be different from my friends and they also didn't want me to be different from what they were. It's like they were pulling me into their own world, and didn't want to see what I actually was. They insisted that being both was just not acceptable. This was the way I lived my life, seeing myself as only white because that's the only way my friends would see me. When Steele was younger, he saw himself as black and didn't fret about his class. He said, "race took on an almost religious significance" (Steel 211). But when he got older and after hearing his friend's comment, his "faith was weak" (Steele 212). He started to realize that he was both black and middle class. And as I became older, I began to realize that I didn't have to hide the fact that I was both white and black.
When I came to the campus, I wasn't sure how people would react to me. I wasn't sure how I should "act". Would people look at me differently if they knew I was biracial? I mean I couldn't just decide to be white one day and black the next. Some people think it is like waking up and deciding what to wear, "Hmm, should I wear the red or blue shirt today?" "Hmm, should I be

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