Personal Note On Record Keeping

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When I was learning about record keeping, I realized that I had a lot of questions and was feeling pretty overwhelmed. The concept of writing a “good” report and looking at what I should and should not include is very daunting to me. I was struggling to understand why record keeping was causing me so much anxiety because I have work experience where I had to write reports constantly. While I was completing my undergraduate degree at my previous institution, I was a student staff member for Residence Life. The students signed a blanket confidentiality agreement when applying to residence. They were not allowed to complete their application without consenting to the rules of residence as well as the limits to confidentiality. We were also told to go over limits to confidentiality over the first few days of the year. This agreement included how student staff would have to report to our supervisors regarding students in our community. However, these students were overwhelmed with the move to residence so it was important to make sure that they understood what they were agreeing to. It is also important that they consent on their own to make sure that there is no coercion involved. Anytime I had a conversation with a student that related to any emotional concerns they were having, I had to write a report about it and send it to my supervisor. They would also send our reports to the Residence Outreach Counsellors if they were more challenging in nature. An ethical concern I have
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