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Personal Nursing Philosophy This concept synthesis paper on personal nursing philosophy will first discuss the nursing autobiography of the author. This paper will explore the author’s perspective on the four metaparadigms of person, nurse, health, and environment. This paper will also discuss the author’s viewpoint on two practice-specific concepts that are relative to her practice. Lastly, the author will list five proposition statements that will connect the concepts described and will further clarify the authors use of the conceptual material. Autobiography The author of this paper has been an associate’s degree registered nurse since 2005. Upon graduation from the ADN program at the College of Central Florida, the author …show more content…

In August of 2017, the author started the RN to MSN program at South University specializing in adult-gerontology. The author is currently in her second masters class and is looking forward to the future as an adult-gerontology nurse practitioner. The Four Metaparadigms A metaparadigm is the world’s interpretation of a discipline and the view that differentiates the focus of a discipline (Butts, 2015). Metaparadigms are the most abstract perspective of a discipline and is made up of various concepts which describe the discipline. The most recognized concepts of the nursing metaparadigms are person, environment, health, and nursing (Butts, 2015). The person is the individual the nurse interacts with in a therapeutic manner. The nurse not only can interact with one person but also a group of people. The group can consist smaller groups like families or larger groups which can be seen in public health. The person can also be identified in some settings as the patient or client (Tourville & Ingalls, 2003). The author’s view on person is that of the whole person. Interacting with the person holistically, mind, body, and spirit are important in her practice. The environment includes any area where the therapeutic interaction takes place. The environment is not limited to just hospitals but can also occur in nursing homes, clinics, schools,

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