Personal Reflection At Delaware State University

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Introduction In today’s time, social work practitioners work with and within various organizations and communities often and the need for a small group or team is essential. These small groups are formed together to accomplish work by increasing awareness and skill within the participation of each member and leader. Some tasks that cause for a group to be drawn are some form of an instruction, an opportunity or a perceived concern. In the social work aspect, this group can affect broader changes for a client.
Personal Reflection Throughout my time at Delaware State University, I’ve been a part of many of task groups; I just did not call it by that name. If an individual was ever a part of a planning team, been a member of a committee or …show more content…

Our group thought that was a good idea and had begun ballooning our ideas with one another. It was until we started to hear other group’s skits and we felt that ours was too basic. A few moments before we went up to present we quickly put the first idea into the parking lot and two members came up with the teen pregnancy skit; I personally felt that that was a much better skit idea because there was more to continue with instead of the first idea. On this task, I was more of a doer. Although, I did chart the ideas down as the group was throwing them out. I also was a part of the balloon analogy, building on the idea of our final skit. When one member said that we should do teen pregnancy I gave the idea that the teens should also be in a group session with one another trying to find resources for each of their situations. The entire group contributed ideas and honored one another’s ideas; even when we made the decision to use the parking lot technique it was not done in an evil or rude manner. On the last task, we were given I can honestly say my entire group wanted no parts of it. We could not understand for the life of us why we were given a task to make a song. We complained about it for what seemed like a long time only to enjoy it in the end. I thought it was funny because

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