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Section 1: Final state - Initial state is the change

Science 1A03 can be divided into three parts. Weekly lectures, intro lectures, and tutorials.

Weekly lectures enabled me to learn several different academic skills. These lectures lubricated the transition from high school to university. A significant change that happened was the development in studying strategies. "Science of learning" module mentioned "spacing out" method in studying. That was quite useful for me as I used to cram before exams rather than dividing my time into smaller portions as well as complaining about the lack of time. However, I mastered time management, and thus I am appreciating studying, and it boosted my grades. We also reviewed novel tools in the school such as MAP, Avenue, and Pebblepad. Now I know how to use the MAP to explore various programs and gateways, which was pretty helpful for choosing my second-year program. Furthermore, I learned how to use the Avenue for the other courses and Pebblepad for the future study options. The fact that my employer may use my Pebblepad page is important because it provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate my abilities rather than a single perplexing resume.

It was discussed why as modern scientists, we need to learn the history of science. As a science student, It is required to study the history of science because I am trying to be a scientist. Learning about earlier experiences, common mistakes, and uncovered areas allows me to improve my
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