Personal Reflection Of Psychology

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At the beginning of the semester I knew very little about Psychology. I thought that Psychology only had to deal with the brain and how it works. Well I was totally wrong, by the end of the semester I learned about so much more than the brain. I was very interested and excited to learn about this subject because I knew that it was a very broad and exciting topic to cover. In this paper I’m going to write about a few of my favorite things we have learned about this year, and those are personality, memory, and psychological disorders. Everyone in this world is not the same. Of course, we are all unique in our own ways and our personality separates us. Overall, I learned that I was a Type A Moderate person. Which I expected, because I knew I had several Type A characteristics. The characteristics I have are a very good multi-tasker, very competitive, always work to achieve higher goals, and very impatient. We also ask what is personality. Well, Personality is a person’s characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling and acting ( Myers, 2011). In this section I found our personality structure to be very interesting and fun to learn about. In the book, they used an iceberg to describe the personality structure which made it much easier to visualize. Freud uses the personality structure to show how people’s brains work during a conflict. The bottom of the iceberg is the Id. Freud says that we are born with an Id. The Id focuses on our pleasure principles (Myers, 2011). An example

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