Personal Reflection On Occupational Therapy

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I chose occupational therapy because of my personal experiences my grandmother had after a fall that caused her brain damage. Although I was young, I would go to her therapy sessions and help her with everyday activities such as brushing her hair, turning the stove on and off and going for walks with her. Young and naïve I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, this is so easy, Grandma, why can’t you do these activities?” I remember the things my grandma loved to do. Like most grandmas, she was the best cook and baker around. Almost every day she was making a meal or a special dessert to share with our family. After her injury she was unable to do what was meaningful to her everyday life. Watching her struggle made me want to help her get healthier. Eventually, after years of therapy, she recovered enough to live an almost-independent life. Being able to look back on that time has made me realize how important and rewarding a career in occupational therapy can be. Today, when I think of her, I think of my intention to be an occupational therapist assistant and how that work will be as meaningful to me as Grandma’s was to her. Helping someone so close to me makes me want to help others and the ones they love succeed in leading healthier, easier lives. A career as an occupational therapy assistant is something that I started pursuing in high school. My first hands on experience with occupational therapy was volunteering in my school district. For six months I was with an
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