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Back in the spring of 2012 I was at a crossroads do I reenlist in the army or do i simple just take my discharge and move on to a new path with a slower pace. The military had been all I knew for the last eight years. These where my brothers we had been to hell and back together. We came face to face with devil in the Middle East and walked away from it uninjured. However the continuous rotations overseas would break anyone down three months in country then six months back in the states it was a continuous cycle that never ended. Life in Ranger Regiment wasn’t easy the mission tempo was fast paced and demanding. I had seen a few guys from the unit break and go into a form of psychos an then med. boarded out. Then there was the guys that got out. It mostly went one or two was with no grey area. They drank themselves into the abyss or they would excel at the new path they ventured out on. All of these guys in every category I had the highest respect for. With my ETS (expiration of time in service) date fastly approaching and another rotation to country looming I had to decide. Terrified I choose to leave that lifestyle, that community, and start a new path for myself. However, there was only one problem, what do I do? I had no education after high school and most places i looked wanted a two year degree minimum. Yes there where jobs out there and I worked a bunch of them to get by. I worked at a toy store, a sandwich place, and a fencing company. I was miserable and knew

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