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  • The Social Situation Of Mental Patients And Other Inmates

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    in which a person may be degraded or striped of their identity, willingly or unwillingly, for multiple different reasons. This process can also happen unconsciously or consciously. In his essay, “The Social Situation of Mental Patients and Other Inmates”, Goffman explains five main categories of these types of institutes that may use mortification of the self for their benefit or the communities benefit. In this essay, I will be discussing in more depth how prisons use the mortification of the self

  • Hard Rock Returns To Prison Poem Analysis

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    The “Hard Rock” was a main inmate in the poem. The name of Hard Rock is based on a hard nut to crack because he was the only one inmate who never submitted and gave a lot of troubles to officers. The Hard Rock was treated really badly and punished as warning to other inmates in the hospital. Why he was treated so badly is because not only he never submitted to officers; there might be that he was a black person. While the Hard Rock was treated badly, other inmates were very submissive to officers

  • My Trip On The California Health Care Facility Essay

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    diagnostics, x-rays and medical needs. John told us that some inmates walk with out a guard because they have a card to specify where there suppose to be. If they refuse to go to there appointment than force is used too make them. Along the tour he mentioned that the rec therapists sees the inmate five time more in a week than other members of a treatment team. We were able to visit a facilitation room, which had a class for inmates to do artwork. One of the CTRS on staff mentioned that it is hard

  • Personal Reflection

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    Back in the spring of 2012 I was at a crossroads do I reenlist in the army or do i simple just take my discharge and move on to a new path with a slower pace. The military had been all I knew for the last eight years. These where my brothers we had been to hell and back together. We came face to face with devil in the Middle East and walked away from it uninjured. However the continuous rotations overseas would break anyone down three months in country then six months back in the states it was a

  • Survival of Nazi Atrocities and Borowski’s Narrative Techniques in This Way To The Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen

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    non-Jewish inmate who works and schemes to survive amid daily slaughter. In the ‘concentration universe’ social relations are determined by access to basic goods needed for survival, like food and clothing, and by the surplus of these that can buy their possessor a place in society (Kennedy 160). Tadek works his way up the inmate social latter in order to survive in the camp for so long. His tactics include bartering for privileges and goods, lying and stealing. By doing this he is

  • Should We Be A Prison Safer?

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    management/protocol of the staff, and the relationships that inmates have. The volume of prisoners is arguably the biggest contribution to the violence that occurs in a prison. With overcrowding in a majority of prisons, it has put aside properly categorizing inmates to cells of best fit. Regardless of inmates associations with gangs, having an overflow of the cell to inmate ratios will create more of hostile environment due to the lack of self-security inmates have. These high volumes not only are creating tension

  • The Wolf: A Short Narrative Essay

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    Wolf and knocked him backwards. Bender threw a couple of punches at Wolf, but most of them just grazed his shoulders. Officer Shayne Richards and I, pushed our way past a dozen inmates to get between Bender and Wolf. Wolf stepped backwards and called a 10-5 (emergency) over his radio. Staff responded, and all the inmates were forced into their cells. We all wrote memorandums about the incident, and Bender was placed in 5C lockup for striking Wolf. The rest of the Aryans were furious, and that fury

  • Prison Yard Time - Original Writing

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    Blackgate Penitentiary: Breakfast 08:00 Inmates filed into the cafeteria, it was a dismal scene, prisoners shuffling listlessly waiting for their turn in the meal line, a feeling of unease permeating the cafeteria. It 'd been days since any of the inmates had been allotted time outside of the oppressive structure, a thick tension had settled over the penitentiary even the guards where a little stir crazy at this point. The intercom buzzed, a despondent female voice sounded over the coms

  • Career Interview Essay

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    I interviewed Officer Greenlee, who is a close friend. She works as a Correctional Officer for the Peoria County Jail, I interviewed her while we were on duty on Saturday, April 16th. Q: What type of education and training prepared you for this career field? A: I went to Western Illinois university for my bachelors degree, which is 4 years for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. After College I spend 2 weeks shadowing my FTO (field training officer) for on the job training. After words we spend

  • A Summary On The Film ' The Night '

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    As dejected hostages babbled helplessly, faint whimpers deafened the abominable scene. Masking beats of drums pursued every hesitant shuffle. Anxiously, the morose hostages scuffled onwards; they limped in desperation onto the wooden deck. The inmates blistered, wounded soles struggled. Wrapping it around the peasant’s bony neck, scraping away at the remaining skin, the ruffian beast grabbed the noose. Mercilessly, he grasped the corroded lever and heaved it.