Personal Statement About My Hero The First Person

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When asked to tell about my hero the first person, or in my case persons that came to mind were my parents. My parents had a raised their family, even had two grandchildren, but that was not enough for them, they adopted my sister and I and started all over again.

In June of 2004 my sister and I were living in an orphanage in Tambov, Russia. We had been living there for almost five years, so when we were in formed a that a couple from the United
States were interested in adopting us we were very excited. My parents wanted more children and they chose us.

Today I would like to tell you a little about the adventure of my parents to adopt two little girls in an orphanage in Tambov, Russia. My parents parents learned about us when my mother saw a picture of us on an international adoption web site in early December or 2003. By the end of
January they had sign an Adoption Contraction and the adventure began.

First my parents had to find a local Adoption agency to do the home study, background check and all the other things they do before place a child in a home for adoption. My parents found this complicated as not all agencies handle foreign adoptions, parents were lucky and were able to use Lutheran Family Services. Next came the police background checks. Then everything had to be notarize, then all the notarized papers had to be episealed, which is where you have the notarized papers verified to make sure that the notary is a notary. By the time they were ready to mail the

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