Personal Statement And Self Disclosure

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On the basis of Kaplan and Haenlein’s theory (2009), in terms of social presence and media richness, applications such as blogs and collaborative projects (e.g. Wikipedia) are at the lowest level, due to text-based characteristic and thereby only relatively simply information is allowed to exchange. At the next level are social networking sites (e.g. Facebook) and content communities (e.g. YouTube). In addition to text-based communications, they are able to share pictures, videos, links or any other media. Virtual social worlds (e.g. Second Life) and Virtual game worlds (e.g. World of Warcraft) take up the highest level, attempting to facilitate face-to-face interactions from all dimensions in a virtual environment. Regarding self-presentation and self-disclosure, as collaborative projects usually only focus on specific content domains, blogs tend to score higher than it. Similarly, social networking sites provide more self-presentation than that of content communities. Finally, because of strict guidelines ruling users to behave in a certain way, virtual game worlds normally present relatively lower self-disclosure than virtual social worlds [24]. As this research focuses upon (platform name), it is thereby important to understand the basis of this theory.
2.2 Communication of social media audience
Since the first social network site, Friendster, a social gaming platform, emerged in 2002, there has been a huge boost of individuals connecting online [29]. Currently,

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