Personal Statement : Cultural Diversity

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Personal Statement: Cultural Diversity in Nursing Practice I was born in 1978 in the Southeast of China. I grew and received a formal education in China before I immigrated to United States. My nursing relationship began after my older daughter was born prematurely. During the three months of hospitalization, I learned how to take care of my older daughter from nurses in NICU and saw other Chinese parents seeking bilingual employees in the hospital for help difficultly. Also, the experience of in labor and delivery room was impacted me to be a nurse when I accompanied one of my neighbors gave birth in the New York Downtown Hospital in 2009. I decided to choose nursing as my career to provide care to people that are sick or patient’s family with cultural diversity. Knowledge of cultural diversity is vital at all levels of nursing practice. Knowledge and skills related to cultural diversity can strengthen and broaden health care delivery systems. Nurses bring their personal culture heritage as well as the cultural and philosophical views of their education into the professional setting. Therefore, it is important for the nurse to understand that nurse-patient encounters include the interaction of three cultural systems: the culture of the nurse, the culture of the client and the culture of the setting. The way to be a registered nurse was very challenging to me. I finished my last nursing course in December 2013, and then got my RN license in March, 2014. After that, I

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