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I am Tomoko Ago, seeking for a PhD opportunity in a UK university, hopefully starting next autumn, 2018. I hope you don’t mind my getting in touch, but I’d like to enquire whether you are currently accepting graduate students.
Actually, I contacted you for the same enquiry in December 2015. It is a bit long time ago, thus please allow me to introduce myself again as for your reminder. I was graduated from MAPP in the University of East London in 2013.
After graduation, I have been involved in works relating to Positive Psychology in Japan where I live; a lecturer for professionals, including school teachers, advisor to companies and translation of teaching materials, such as Dr. Illona Boniwell’s seminar text and publications. I used …show more content…

And the two ideas are in my mind.

One idea is the relationship between the influence of education system and nurturing authenticity among young people. For this idea, I am motivated by the situation of low sense of self-acceptance, self-esteem compared to other major industrial countries. Not only my personal observation, but also the cross-cultural survey in 2014 released by the Japanese government shows only 45.8% of Japanese youth (13 – 29 y.o) answer they are satisfied with being themselves whilst more then 80% in US, and European countries (UK, Germany, France and Sweden) and 71.5% of Korean youth feel satisfaction of themselves. Japanese youth also show less motivation to new challenges and high scores of feeling boredom and depressed compared to others.
Indeed, these results have limitation, but suggesting to me the culture and social characteristic including a quality of education and system may play a certain role to having and nurturing individuals authenticity, more broadly psychological well-being and flourishing.

The other one is that expression of own potential at work among professional women, particularly those who are in senior position. This is inspired by a conversation with Dr. Boniwell when she visited Tokyo for the

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