Personal Statement For GP Practitioner

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I’m interested in the medical field; cardiology and/or a General GP practitioner. A cardiologist is a doctor with special training in the act of finding, treating as well as preventing diseases associated with the heart and or blood vessels. A GP is a general practitioner who does not specialise in a particular area in medicine. General Practitioners provide routine health care and assessment of illnesses and injuries.
I’ve always had an interest in studying medicine as is gives a diverse opportunity for careers in the future. I’m considering working with medicine as it allows me to work and interact with other people as this is something I enjoy as this is an aspect and value I go by is helping people to achieve a greater/healthier population. I have a great deal of patience and an understanding towards vulnerable social groups, as empathy is a good quality to have to provide patient satisfaction as this comes naturally to me. The joy of helping people directly is another influence. I have excellent teamwork skills this is another skill needed for the medical field as you will need to be able to work with other doctors and nurses on a daily basis.


The day-day sense of a doctor

In a day to day sense a GP practitioner will be involve in admin work such as paperwork that involve summaries of patients, reports and test results. It is the Gp’s responsibility to deal with any important phone calls (triage) as well as seeing emergency patients with

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