Personal Statement For Inclusion : Communication

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For inclusion: Communication is one of the most important tools in any type of relationship and it is a more important factor in the classroom, between teacher and students, teacher with parents, students with teacher and students with students. From the first day of school on, there is a constant struggle for some students. They don’t only worry about the academics, but also they want to fit in. The struggle starts with the groups or “click” forming. Kids use body language and even hurtful comments to exclude kids and let them know that they don’t belong in their “group”. As teachers we can see what is going on in our class, we can see how kids are been left out due to physical appearance, disability, the color of the skin or because they don’t speak our language. As teachers we have the responsibility to include kids that are left out with the rest of the group and invite the rest of the group to accept everyone. To accomplish this, the teacher can plan activities of inclusion where they talk about themselves and their hobbies or their plans for the future. As teachers our job is to intentionally include and ask alienated students their input in the activity and make them feel welcome
By teaching in an inclusive environment, the teacher will give all students access to a fair education. this might not be a big deal for some but it will definitely help a student’s self-esteem, and give them a sense of belonging, boosting his confidence and motivation towards school

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