Personal Statement For Pediatrics

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Pediatrics is my career passion. My life ambition is to become a remarkable and respected physician.

I was born in the small farming community of Rose Hall, in my home country St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I was a middle child, an avid reader and self-motivated. My early upbringing was in a village where everybody knew one another and cultivated genuine community spirit. At the age of eleven, I relocated to our capital, Kingstown, to attend one of the top high schools in my country. Consequently, I spent most of each year away from my family. Despite this sudden change and the uncertainties that shadowed it, I was blessed with various life impacting opportunities that I would not have gained in a school in my rural district. After high school, I was the first in my family to enter and complete college. From there, I served as a teacher for a few years, during this time I developed a good sense of responsibility and strong work ethics. A few years later, I successfully completed medical school and became a first-generation physician in my family.

The experiences I gained from my basic science training in medical school, my clerkship rotations in the United States and as a practicing physician in St. Vincent, have all contributed to molding me into the person I am today and more importantly the doctor I wish to become in the future. The …show more content…

It offers primary and preventive care that tender for fostering long-term relationships and providing continued monitoring of patients during this early and therefore critical phase in their development. There are various specialties and procedures available for situations necessitates them. Moreover, the continuous search for medical breakthroughs through research efforts and technological advancements are also regarded as fundamentals towards positive patient outcomes. This makes the prospects of a career in pediatrics very

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