Personal Statement For The Greek Debt Crisis

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Debt is a problem that everyone fears. When a person owes money to someone else, you are in fear, worry and pain. The biggest debt crisis I witnessed was the Greek debt crisis. It started back in 2009 and continues now. The problem is rooted back to when the Greek government borrowed money from external sources on a regular basis to pay for unproductive government projects and luxurious social welfare schemes for its people and came to a point where the Greek government could not pay back their loans and all their expenditures after the global financial crisis in 2008. When I first read about the crisis, I became interested. I researched and slowly understood the basics of economics and finance and how captivating it was. At that time, I had a mindset that my career path would be geared towards finance. …show more content…

These subjects exposed me to the business world and highlighted my interest and strengths in each of those subjects. I started leaning towards Accounting and Finance after learning Accounting and realising how important accounting is to a nation. I learned that the debt crisis in Greece was a result of insufficient high quality government financial information. This motivated me to pursue this degree so that I can assist Malaysia in boosting its economy and not making the mistakes of the Greek government. Besides that, I also favored accounting because of my passion towards mathematics and numbers. Throughout my schooling, I have always had a zeal for mathematics. Since accounting revolves around numbers, mathematics and calculations, it is ideal for

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