Personal Statement : Foundation Scholarship

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Essay DMACC Foundation Scholarship This scholarship would mean a lot to me, because I would be the first out of my family to graduate college and I was the first to graduate high school out of 3 generations. My father was a Marine for 10 years, he choose a different path instead of going to college or finishing high school. He joined the war overseas to serve his country and I am proud of him. He always told me to never join any branch because he saw a future for me that he wanted me to invest in an education and better myself in everything I do. My brothers and sister chooses horrible paths and yet I was different than the rest of the family. I wanted my mother and father proud of me and I wanted my country to be proud of me. Instead of doing drugs, drinking and partying. I was the odd kid growing up that invested myself into books and dreamed of the endless possibilities that I can become. I thought different jobs of what I can do to help my community and not fall into the evil path as my brothers and sister did. Dad always told me that I was his shining star, I didn’t really understand what was going on with family until I got out of high school. Drugs and alcohol can really screw up peoples ' lives. I am living proof that you can choose the right path to become a better citizen. Unfortunately, it took me 10 years to finally get my life back on track after a messy marriage and struggling with being a mother of a special need child. By having no help, while my first
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