Personal Statement : Interpersonal Communication Essay

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Throughout the semester in interpersonal communication class I have gained versatile understandings of many abstract ideas on communication that without the course I may have missed an opportunity to do so. Looking at the bigger picture of communication, it is an ongoing learned skill that will be improved by both education and personal experiences which will help enable me to possess competent communication skills/characteristics. As I have learned in class our habitual communication styles and tendencies also reflect society and culture through our socialization and also displays gendered patterns in the ways of which we communicate. As someone who is going into communications as I further my education I view many aspects of communications as intriguing as well as vital to my success in both a professional and personal manner. Although, three specific topics from different chapters have struck me the most whether it has taught me something about myself or has given me the skills to communicate on a higher level. Chapters three, six, and eleven which cover communication and the self; nonverbal communication, and interpersonal conflict are amongst the noteworthy sections I have found myself feeling enriched about in a prepared & knowledgeable demeanor. Communication and the self is a chapter I felt very relevant to my life as a young adult in the midst of finding and affirming my own identity, among my other pursuits of success in various facets of life which then relies

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