Personal Statement : Meeting Famous Entrepreneurs

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“Adeleny su es especial , tiene algo que nadie más tiene. Usted tiene una promesa ..(mami)” When I was young, a small part of me always felt that I needed to work just a little bit harder than everyone else, put a little extra effort into everything, every activity and every person I touched. In order to keep going I would participate in every activity to stand out and be unique, I would also take any opportunity that comes my way from internship, interviews to meeting famous entrepreneurs. I naturally thought that this was something that I needed to do to keep up with my peers- to be seen as equally fast or smart. I always felt that I was missing leaving something behind, so in order to feel complete I would push myself to keep to mind…show more content…
She told me that she remembered doctors in white coats constantly hovered over us as they gazed with concern and made every attempt to mitigate the illnesses that my sister and I couldn’t overcome on our own. It was the toughest time for my parents and family but also my older sister who experience everything at the age of five. My mom spent nearly an entire month in the hospital with my sister and I. She shared, that with each passing moment, she could feel me getting stronger but could feel Madeleny slipping away. Every day since our birth, my mom looked into the eyes of her daughters and watched, with each breath, how our chest rose and fell in complete unison. She even told me, I once held hands with my twin and felt the strength of our bond. Now I was laying in the crib alone, waiting for her little hand to reconnect with mine; in the same way that we’d embraced one another in our mother’s womb. Her little hand never returned and it is something that has influenced every part of my life. On January 23, just a month and a half after our birth, my twin sister stopped breathing. Junior year came and I was excited to start this new journey. I came into high school that year to accomplish everything I needed to accomplish to get into a great college. I was here to stay to keep her spirit alive, I faced so many obstacles but for some reason I’m able to keep going in this world. At one point in my life, I felt like she was giving me a sign to not be scared
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