Personal Statement : My Own Working Industry

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For a business to become successful, they have to go through the 3P’s: Process, People, and Product to receive an overall performance. I define myself as my own working industry. It is within each of these three parts that influence and help construct my identity. This is the business model I created:
The first part is the process. Process is define as setting a perfect location for the industry to bloom. A location itself can develop the strong business skills one needs. Originated in Dallas, TX on Jan. 16th, 1998. Being a product of two military parents, I easily comprehend the sacrifice one makes for their country by having them absent in my life stage when I was younger. Sacrifice creates integrity and courage within me which will help me gain the humility and motivation to make a difference. Today; I decided to share my experience and help other teens with the harshness of deployment. Currently, I’m a member of the Army Reserve Teen Panel of the United States. It’s through this organization that I am able to make this impact. I travel around the country to mentor pre-teens and teen dependents of the Army to connect with these teens about the reality that deployment takes a toll on the entire family. I feel that families like mine, who sacrifice the most, lack support from the government. Also my setting included visiting Costa Rica, it gave me the opportunity to experience the lack of support from the country’s own government in a different way concerning education and

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