Personal Statement : My Partner Essay

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My partner and I we used our hands to make this experience more enjoyable. But I am certain that no contact would have made this activity very challenging. I seek comfort and trust just by that hold of hand. I used it to guide my speed and the width of my steps that I making. As the blinded and the guided I felt the power of the holding. It created a connection between us to navigate on the campus. When I was blinded, I was using her strengths of pulling and pushing to know how far or how sharp I should turn and move. At some point, we experimented of letting go the hand and use our voices to navigate. It was really more difficult because not only I lost my spatial direction but also I had nothing to grab to and I am a person that use prominently my sense of touch. I love to feel and experience objects and people with my gestures. When I greet a close friend I always welcome them with a big firm hug rather than a handshake or the kisses on the cheek. I feel by hugging it gets a more deepening connection that no other greeting cues can give. It shows affection and care for the person but everyone’s perception is different about hugs because it can be an expression language of more than friends feeling and some will take it too seriously if not too personal. Only a handful of people in my life have mutual hugging greets but the newly friends soon discover that I love giving hugs because it does not take too long for them to know my affectionate side. The voice was another

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