Personal Statement : My Personal Goals

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As I stated in my personal goals, I am focusing in developing my interpersonal skills toward my professional and personal environment. Even though this is not my first psychology class, it is always encouraging to re-learn and discover new findings in psychology. During and after the course, I found myself practicing many of the communication skills throughout my daily life such as paraphrasing, avoid stereotyping and especially analyzing my own and other’s emotions. The collaboration of the course and my experiences, in my own opinion, has built a very sharp sense of my emotional intelligence. I always know that I am sensitive when observing a person’s emotions, but the skills that I gained from this class help to direct the message into more rational interpretation. For example, now I am capable to reduce or set aside my personal judgement when someone is telling me his/her story. I learn how to take the time to step back and digest their words without feeling offended. The most current example is the way I communicate with my husband. We are coming from two different cultural background, and communication could be hard sometime. Many times I realized that it was my frustration of not knowing how to explain things to him without getting mad. And off course a part of it is my ethnocentrism and also his. But as the one who have better understanding about human interaction, I have to be able to apply my communication skills in order to reduce or eliminate conflict. I am…

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