Personal Statement : My Personal Perspective On Privilege, Race, And Culture Essay

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As the first semester of graduate school is ending, my perspective on privilege, race, and culture has drastically changed from my perspective now. The program has challenged me in ways that are unexplainable and I can only imagine how I will feel after completing the program. I had explained in my previous reflection papers how my physical disability and my ethnicity have helped define my identity. The program has helped provide insight and awareness about my identity and how I view myself. One thing that is a massive part of my identity and the person that I am, is based off my biological anatomy. I am proud to be a woman, and I am privileged because I have always identified with my gender. However, I have also had to work harder to be taken seriously, especially in the work force. The oppression that women have faced for centuries is too vague to mention in a paper, but I will share my personal difficulties as a woman, particularly within the Latino culture. I will provide insight from my family’s background and the clients that I am currently working with as well. There are many patterns and problems that are parallel between the women I am working with, from myself, and from my family. The Latino culture is beautiful and strong, but also comes from traditional values that are harmful for women.
I have noticed a common theme between the clients I work with and myself. I am currently doing one-on-one psychotherapy sessions with clients at the Puerto Rican Family
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