Personal Statement On Entrepreneurial Interest

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12-1a Entrepreneurial Interest My scores for this quiz were: yes-5, rarely-3, mostly-3, and no-5. I have never thought about starting my own business before, because I don’t know what I would start a business in. My significant other however, has mentioned wanting to start a body shop. So, as I completed this survey I thought more about him and how he should be the one to take this. I personally don’t think that I have the attitude, lifestyle, or behavioral patterns to be consistent with a successful entrepreneurship. According to the assignment, the more “yes” answers the more successful an entrepreneurship would be. With only five “yes” answers, I learned that my thought on entrepreneurship was correct. I would not be the best fit and…show more content…
However, I am not quite sure that he knows all the work that comes with starting a business either. I learned with this test that even though I may have some of the qualities to start a business, I don’t have enough urge to make it happen. I would need to work on some personal goals and start by finding something I would want to do for the rest of my life because it is such a big investment. 13-1a Team Orientation For this self-assessment, my score was 65, stating that I tend to be more of an individualist than collectivist. I thought I would be more of a collectivist because I like to work in groups rather than alone. I like to bounce ideas back and forth, learning things that I didn’t know before. However, I can see how I am an individualist. At work, even though I work within a group of co-workers everyday, we each have our own assignments that need to be completed. A lot of the time I need help completing my assignment because of the high acuity work load lately. Being the person I am, I don’t ask for help because I want to complete my work on my own, and be able to show others that I can manage my work load on my own. In the past I have relied on many people that have let me down. I then learned that I have to look out for myself and most things will not get done unless I take initiative and complete them myself. This assessment taught me a little more about myself than I thought.
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