Reflective Essay On Management Skills

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As a college student, I was unware of the steps I’ve taken that could hinder or improve the growths of my management skills. The new insights gained from these assignments conducted have enlightened my understanding of myself by overseeing my management skills ability through I’ve made that place me in varieties of scenarios. The assignments have not only enlightened me, but it has provided me the advantage of being well-informed of my strengths and weaknesses. Although many of the assessments have concluded the result that I’ve expected to obtain, there were three specific exercises that have shockingly raised my level of conscious about myself that I wasn’t aware of before or that I highly disagree with. First, in the chapter six assessment we learned about managing small business startups. This “Do You Think Like an Entrepreneur?” assessment measures the likelihood of me becoming an entrepreneur. The self-assessment questions to some aspect of improvisation, which is a correlate of entrepreneurial intentions. Entrepreneurial improvisation consists of three elements such as creativity, ingenuity, and the ability to produce novel solutions under constrained conditions. Successful entrepreneurs also have the ability to work well under pressure while also having action, persistence, and the determination to achieve goals and solve problems in the moment. Based on my personality, I would have assumed that I would was not fit to be entrepreneur because although, I am always

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