Personal Statement On Health Care

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12-year old Sanjay led an extraordinary life. He lived in a crumbling, dystopian world, garbage bins of restaurants being his source of nourishment and derelict buildings his shelter. Burdened with HIV since birth, I had the privilege to provide for him at our HIV centre, often sharing my lunch with him during his visits. After 7 months and 25 days as my patient, he said goodbye and never returned.

An extensive search for the boy was futile, his fate unknown. It was this painful interaction that made me realise that healthcare in a community isn 't as straightforward as one may believe, despite receiving the best of our services to ensure his well-being. It reflected a failure of our nation 's healthcare system. In conclusion, his disappearance marked a shift in my motivations as a doctor, kindling an interest in public health.

I had the opportunity to serve in remote rural communities, running health clinics and maternity check-ups as an Intern at Christian Medical College & Hospital (CMC), Vellore whilst ensuring that National Health Schemes reached these remote communities.
The invaluable first-hand experience of health policy implementation led to my appointment as the Medical Officer of CMC 's publicly funded HIV Centre, with over 2000 patients. Coordinating and heading a team of nurses, pharmacists & social workers their activities and assigning responsibilities was a challenging but rewarding learning experience. Additionally, we trained nurses, medical

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