Personal Statement On Life 's Hustle And Bustle

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In life 's hustle and bustle sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the whole process leaving you wondering is your life leading you instead of you leading it. I needed to find some personal fulfillment in my life. So I had to do a self-check to discover what my true purpose was in this life. How impactful was I in changing the world. I was completely satisfied raising my son and being engaged in everything he was involved in. However, the closer it came for him to graduate from high school the more I began to think about what my new life would be like. I had to deal with the persisting question of what did I want to do with the rest of my life. Overall, I felt like I was a pretty decent mother, an awesome friend, a loving sister and I have a faith based foundation. Even with all those great attributes I still didn’t know what my true purpose was here on earth.
When I think of the questions easily, the first thing I thought of was philanthropy. Living a healthy lifestyle would be next. I’m very excited about getting the chance to expound on my future in leadership and mentoring rolls. Next, I want to explore what full potential and purpose is and how can I be a positive impact on the world. At this stage of my life I feel that it says "Yes" to: being a philanthropist, having a health and wellness for my body and soul as well as being involved in leadership and mentoring.
Philanthropy was an easy choice for me because it’s something that I’ve been doing for quite some time. I

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