College Admission Essay Focusing on Academics, Spirituality and Service

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I see my life as a series of experiences that build upon one another and, through my hard work and determination, lead to overall long and short term goals that I have set for myself. There are thousands upon thousands of things that affect my life both directly and indirectly all of which have varying degrees of influence on me. Three areas of my life that most certainly have had a profound impact on me are scholarship, spiritual formation, and service. These three areas have affected me positively, and have motivated me to pursue higher levels of education, and have challenged me to set my lifetime goals higher. Though I'm not exactly sure where I will end up in life, I know that if I let my academics, spirituality, and service…show more content…
One was the aforementioned reason that I didn't want to make any big changes in my life at that time. The second reason was that I didn't really have any idea what I wanted to do career-wise at that time, and for about a year and a half that stayed true. Because of this indecision in my life, i "slacked off" by my standards in some classes my freshman year of college. I severely regret this decision, but i have tried to make up for it by picking up my game once again in the first semester of my sophomore year, getting a 3.8 on a four point scale. I plan to take 20 credits my final semester at GCC, which will allow me to get my degree in the spring semester of 2010. I consider this the top of my game academically. Probably the biggest reason that I made this extra commitment to do better in school was because i finally decided what i wanted to do in my later education. I decided that i wanted to be a Philosophy and Religion major. Philosophy as well as religion have been very intriguing passions for me personally, and unlike the many other career paths that I tried to picture myself in, I do not feel out of place or feel like i need to compromise some of my interests to pursue the career path. I fell very passionately about philosophy and religion, and i feel that it is a great choice for my academic future. This major leads me into the second area of life that has affected me greatly, which is

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