Personal Statement On Personal Hardships

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First, I’d like to discuss a topic that I had referenced in my Personal Statement about personal hardships and hardships of those close to me. As the instructions imply, challenging experiences not only show us who we really are in the moment but they also influence the person we will become. The story of my life would be far from a tragedy, but these defining moments carry weight and showcase how I handle stress both in myself and in others. When I turned 5 years old, my parents had a divorce. I have always grown up with two homes and moved my stuff from house to house every week. For my five year old self, I didn’t really understand the divorce well enough for it to burden me. Yet, at a young age, it introduced me to therapy to see how the divorce was affecting me. The elementary school that I attended had a counselor who worked there and I had one hour session with her weekly. After a while, it taught me the importance of being open and honest. It also lead me (or lead my parents since I’m only six at this point) to pursue other avenues of stress relief, suggested by the therapist, like Judo. I hadn’t really mentioned Judo in my Primary application because it is not very directly related to the medical field and I also stopped at the age of 17. However, it has been a significant part of my life and Judo taught me many things in the 11 years I spent trying to develop my martial art. It developed my sense of belonging by introducing me to my judo coach, who is now my

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